kickstarter has reached 144% of goal by Carol Yarrow

My printing costs have skyrocketed...what else is please support this project as I only have a week left for raising money for book "One Last Mahogany Standing" and you will like 2 minute video here on kickkstarter...if you want to send me something is my address: Carol Yarrow  2480 NW Quimby #6 Portland Oregon and you will receive rewards of your choice...please atleast take a look...of kickstarter site

sincerely thank you

carol yarrow

i am so feeling full of love with 80 backers that I have received your support...whoa!!

Kickstarter book project: "One Mahogany Left Standing" by Carol Yarrow

I am coming near my goal at Kickstarter:

I am so appreciate of everyones generosity and caring.

Plese help and keep it coming as I have many hidden costs...the shipping of books from Iceland...the designer who will be communicating with the book publisher in ways I don't understand...

With sincere love

carol yarrow

Welcome to the new by Carol Yarrow

Thank you for joining me at the new!

The Kickstarter campaign for Carol's book, titled One Mahogany Left Standing starts soon. Please check back here very soon for more information on the Kickstarter, and Carol's projects!